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Ericpol is building the first digital special tasks laboratory in the world

9 September 2014

100 km of electrical connections, 6 metric tons of cables, 25,000 FPGA circuits. The Real Complex Systems Analyser (RCSA) is a huge system, the first of its kind in the world, which will shorten the time needed for chemical analyses from months to days and which will help examine phenomena previously unobservable in laboratory conditions. Ericpol will build it for the Lodz Technopark.

The company signed a contract for the design and construction of a globally innovative system called the Real Complex Systems Analyser (RCSA). The Analyser will constitute the heart of the Molecular Simulations Laboratory, one of six laboratories being built in a new facility in the Technopark within the framework of the BioNanoPark project co-financed by the EU. Under the terms of the contract, worth over 20 million PLN, the RCSA is scheduled to be finished by July next year.

“We are participating in the construction of the first digital simulator of this scale in the world. It enables researchers to analyse over 1 million molecules simultaneously. It is a challenge for us, both in terms of technology and design,” said Paweł Szczerkowski, Vice President of the Board and CEO of Ericpol.

The RCSA will reproduce the flow of molecules in real time accurate to nanoseconds and will allow researchers to study the nature of complex phenomena. And all that extremely quickly. In the case of chemical analyses, a supercomputer would take months to process the data while the RCSA will have the results ready in just days. Additionally, the RCSA will work with higher precision and it will be more energy-efficient. The acceleration is a result of the specifically designed construction of the system using 25,000 interconnected FPGA circuits working simultaneously. The concept of how to build and operate it came from Lodz University of Technology. Ericpol, a Łódź-based company, will be responsible for the construction of the system as well as for supplying the software, cooling system, electrical system and installation.
One of the advantages of the Analyser is the ability to reprogram the entire system. As its creators put it: it will be like a chameleon, adapting to the researchers’ needs.

“Thanks to the Analyser, both Łódź and the BioNanoPark implementation centre will become well-known in the science and research community,” stressed Bogdan Wasilewski, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of the Lodz Technopark. “The RCSA will help us become cutting-edge and change the face of the global economy,” he explained.

In addition, the RCSA, working as a digital test-tube, could be used for research in various industries from environmental protection, through the pharmaceutical industry all the way to aeronautics. By using the DLL protocol, it will be indispensible for chemical research. The simulations made available through the RCSA will be able to replace laboratory testing all together. This in turn will enable researchers to develop new materials, drugs and cosmetics.

Ericpol Sp. z o.o. is an engineering company in operation on the international ICT market since 1991. It renders outsourcing and consulting services and provides dedicated solutions in the areas of telecommunications, M2M (machine to machine) communication and IoT (Internet of Things) as well as applications for medical, financial, and banking sectors and solutions for business. Ericpol has 4 offices in Poland and 3 subsidiaries in Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden, which together form the Ericpol Group and employ a total of 1,900 people.

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