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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol has started building its new headquarters in Łódź

4 June 2013

Eighteen months after obtaining authorisation no. 200 to operate a business in the Special Economic Zone and purchasing land on the site of the former Olimpia swimming pool in Łódź, Ericpol, the largest ICT company in Łódź, will begin construction of a modern office building for 800 employees. The inauguration ceremony of the construction works, including the symbolic ground breaking, will take place on June 6, 2013 at ul. Sienkiewicza 175.

The plot where the office building will be constructed is located in the Łódź Special Economic Zone, at the junction of Sienkiewicza and Tymienieckiego streets. On the site of the former Olimpia swimming pool, a four-storey building will be erected with underground parking and the surrounding historic area will be turned into a landscaped garden. The design of the building, which is in accordance with the standards of modern ecological office buildings, was created by Horizone architectural design studio. The estimated value of the investment is over 55 million PLN. Constructions work is to be completed in 18 months and the building will be ready to use in the first quarter of 2015.

The investment of Ericpol confirms the dynamic development of ICT services in Łódź. ‘For many years Ericpol has been the leader in ICT export services in Poland. Thanks to the potential of our employees, of whom there are currently 600 in Łódź alone, – soon to be 700, we have co-created software which 2 billion people use every day when talking on the phone. Thus, it can be said that, while the company is based in Łódź, we have a window on the whole world’, says Paweł Szczerkowski, CEO of Ericpol.

It is not by accident that the commencement of construction of the new company headquarters will be accompanied by a conference of the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), which gathers together leaders of the outsourcing and business services sectors. The ABSL Conference will take place on June 6-7, 2013 in Łódź and its main theme will be innovativeness perceived as a stimulus to the development of the modern business services sector in Poland. The discussion panels concerning IT applications and projects will be conducted by the representatives of Ericpol: Maciej Mroczek, the Director of the Radio Department and Marek Gajowniczek, Programmes Director. The ABSL conference is the most important event in the outsourcing and modern business services sector in Poland. On the first day of the conference, the members of the Association, together with representatives from the local authorities, will honour the construction works inauguration ceremony with their presence.

Ericpol Sp. z o.o. is an engineering company which has been operating in the international ICT market for over 20 years. It offers outsourcing and consultancy services and provides dedicated solutions in the area of telecommunications, M2M (machine to machine) communication, and UX (user experience) as well as applications for the medical, financial, and banking sectors and solutions for business. Ericpol has 3 offices in Poland and 3 subsidiaries in Belarus, Ukraine, and Sweden, which together form the Ericpol Group and employ over 1,700 workers.

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