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Ericpol donates blood

7 October 2015

Employees of the Cracow and Lodz branches of Ericpol donated almost 18 litres of blood during the September blood donation campaign.

An ambulance from the Regional Centre for Blood Donation and Blood Therapy appeared in Cracow at ul. Bobrzyńskiego 12 on 3rd September, whereas it visited Lodz at ul. Sienkiewicza 175 on 29th September. 52 people volunteered to give blood. 41 of them qualified as blood donors.

“Every day, even in ordinary situations, we face the risk of loosing blood. Each year the demand for blood is increasing. And it is really us – young, healthy people – who can share this extremely precious resource with those people in need”, explained Anna Groszyk, one of the campaign coordinators.

Having donated blood, Ericpol’s employees, as well as some nourishing food, received commemorative T-shirts from the company, while some of them enjoyed some much deserved time off.

Since the beginning of the year blood donors from Ericpol have donated to the Polish Blood Bank more than 60 litres of blood in total.

Ericpol is an engineering company operating since 1991 in the international ICT market. It provides outsourcing, consulting and integration services, delivers dedicated solutions in the areas of telecommunications, M2M communication (machine to machine), IoT (Internet of Things), applications for the medical, finance and banking sectors, as well as solutions for business. Ericpol has 4 offices in Poland and three subsidiaries in Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden, which together form the Ericpol Group, employing over 2,200 workers.

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