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Ericpol being a sponsor of the XVII SIS Conference

2 November 2010

In support of scientific initiatives Ericpol became the sponsor of the XVII International Conference on Information Technology Systems – Theory, Design, Implementations, Applications which is held on 3rd-5th November,2010, Lodz, Poland. The conference is being organized for years by the Technical University of Lodz under the auspices of the Technical University Rector.

This year’s event includes three days of lectures as well as celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Applied Informatics Department’s formation at the Technical University of Lodz. Once again Ericpol is an active participant. Marek Gajowniczek – Ericpol’s vice president – gives a lecture on the world of machines connected to telecommunications networks. In today’s saturated market, human-human communication, an area of experience with the telecommunications market in machine2machine solutions (M2M) is becoming a stronger trend. Automobile industry is one of the sectors that is increasingly using these technologies in their products. To meet the market needs, Ericpol for several years now collects experience in that field, working with industry leaders in telematics. During the lecture M2M systems will be illustrated by two applications prepared by Ericpol engineers.

A special session is devoted to IT platform TEWI. Information Platform TEWI: Technology, Education, Knowledge, Innovation is a project to set up a computer network, operating at the universities of Lodz, which is to fulfill an educational role and also enable the realization of the work in the field of R&D.

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