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Ericpol becomes a partner of the European Economic Forum

2 November 2012

Ericpol has become a content partner of the European Economic Forum. The event will take place on November 7 and 8 at the Andel’s Hotel at Ogrodowa Street in Łódź. The 5th edition of the EEF-Łódźkie will be dedicated to the debate on using innovations in the regional development and cooperation between business and local government.

Ericpol, which is the largest IT company in the Łódź Voivodeship, has been invited to join a group of organizations which will share their experiences related to regional development and the creation of an innovative economy. During the EEF, the company will be represented by Marek Gajowniczek, Cross-Functional Programmes Director, responsible for business/science relationships.

On the first day of the Forum – November 7 – Marek Gajowniczek will open the 2nd Session with his lecture titled ‘Development through Innovation: Copy & Paste 2.0.’.  Then he will participate in a discussion panel. On the second day, he will take part in the discussion panel ‘IT in the Service Business.’

‘In Poland there is an enormous gap in the development of new technologies in cooperation with business and science. These two worlds are parallel to each other, but a new level of quality will be created only after these two areas are merged,’ Marek Gajowniczek points out.

The European Economic Forum – Łódzkie (EEF) is an annual initiative, organized each year by the Regional Government of the Łódź Voivodeship. Its aim is to boost the cooperation between business entities in order to use the development potential of the of the Łódź region. Among participants in this largest economic event in the country, there are politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs, including Grażyna Henclewska, the Deputy Minister of Economy, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Jolanta Chełmińska, The Łódź Voivode, Tomasz Sadzyński, the President of the Łódź Special Economic Zone, Paweł Panczyj, the Managing Director of ABSL, Witold Stępień, the Marshal of the Łódź Voivodeship, Magdalena Gaj, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications, professor Tomasz Twardowski from the Polish Academy of Sciences, Professor engineer Stanisław Bielecki, PhD, the Rector of the Technical University of Łódź, Professor Bogdan Walkowiak and Professor Jerzy Gębicki from the Technical University of Łódź, as well as representatives of such companies as Microsoft, South Western, Infosys, SHARP, Fujitsu, Pekao S.A., Rossman, Olimpia S.A and many more.

Ericpol Sp. z o.o. is an engineering company that has been operating in the international ICT market for 20 years. It provides outsourcing and consultancy services. It also delivers dedicated solutions in the area of telecommunications, M2M (machine to machine) communication, UX (user experience), applications for the medical sector, finances, and banking as well as solutions for business. It has 3 offices in Poland and 3 manufacturing facilities in Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden, which together form the Ericpol Group and employ the total of 1,700 people.

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