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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol at the 6th IMS 2.0 World Forum

18 April 2009

Ericpol together with one of the biggest world telecommunications supplier, Ericsson, is to show a demo of its IMS service, Video Blog, at the 6th IMS 2.0 World Forum in Barcelona.

With Video Blog users can share videos recorded with their mobiles through accounts on portals such as Web 2.0. Their friends are notified about a new video message through the RSS channel. The solutions to be presented by Ericpol can be integrated with the vast majority of operator networks developed on the basis of telecommunications standards. Ericpol’s convergent services are aimed at operators with legacy solutions based on SS7, including IN, as well as those with an NGN or IMS infrastructure.

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) is a technology which allows telecom operators to deliver services based on the IP protocol using technologies such as SIP/DIAMETER. As it combines the Internet, TV and fixed and mobile telephony, IMS is becoming the key technology in the field of convergent telecom solutions. It is not only fast and accessible but also ensures/guarantees high quality at (competitively) low cost.

‘In the time of global economy crisis, telecommunications operators are even more interested in IMS technology, as it has a wide range of applications and is quite inexpensive in use. And Ericpol, as one of only few such companies in Europe, has got experience and knowledge in the IMS field’ says Piotr Łoin, NGN Director from Ericpol Telecom.

The IMS 2.0 World Forum is the biggest and most prestigiuous telecommunications event of the year focused on IMS technology. Over 100 telco operators from 40 countries took part in its last year’s edition which attracted more than 3000 attendees.
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At the 4th IMS 2.0 World Forum in Monte Carlo Ericpol led the workshop on IMS realism: Practical Steps to Develop a Vendor Neutral Service Creation Environment.

The IMS 2.0 World Forum 2009: 28th-30th April, AB Skipper Hotel, Barcelona.

Ericpol’s presentation: 28th April, 5:30 PM

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