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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol and Ericsson are celebrating 20 years of cooperation

31 May 2011

It is 20 years since the Polish company Ericpol Telecom was established in Łódź. Ericsson was initially the sole contractor of the company. The first order was to develop automated software test procedures for supervising the work of telephone exchanges. In the 90s company has expanded its area of competence, proving that copes well not only with the tests, but also the creation of products. In 2001 there was another breakthrough. Ericpol took over the hosting part of Ericsson’s products, which became fully responsible for their development, implementation and maintenance.

Over the past ten years Ericpol changed into one of Europe’s largest outsourcing companies. Significantly expanded the list of the customers. Recently, as the first and only Polish company Ericpol was ranked in an international ranking of The Global Outsourcing 100 (in the group called ‘Rising Star’). Now entire Ericpol Group employs over 1,200 people. Another 200 engineers are included in Ericpol’s Recruitment Plans for 2011.

Jan Smela, Executive President of Ericpol TelecomThe company operates in many countries, it has subsidiaries including Sweden, Ukraine and Belarus. Ericpol’s engineers participated in projects carried out by Ericsson in 73 countries worldwide. Ericpol provides services for also for telecom operators in Poland and worldwide, automotive industry using communication M2M (Machine to Machine), health services and in User experience area.

Ericpol cooperates with Ericsson in the Research & Development area, implementing e.g. projects on mobile 2G and 3G networks. The companies co-operate together with the development and maintenance of the nodes between base stations operating in several technologies. These products are both developed in close cooperation with Ericsson, as well as by Ericpol on their own. For 3 years the two companies have been cooperating in the development of WCDMA (3G).Ericpol is also working on solutions for Ericsson in the field of multimedia and value added services.

Staffan Henriksson, President of Ericsson in Poland highlights his positive estimation concerning long-term cooperation of both companies. ‘Working together on projects allows Ericsson to enhance his presence in Poland. We are proud of the creativity and commitment of Polish engineers, as well as the fact that Ericsson’s know-how and his contract has helped to achieve success as a dynamic company’, he says.

‘Trust, which Ericsson put on Ericpol helped to build us strong and modern company. More than 90 percent of our revenue comes from abroad, but the experience we gained, we would like to apply in Poland. Engineering work standards, we have developed during these two decades on the international market can make a good use of the Polish one’ ,emphasizes Jan Smela, President of Ericpol.

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