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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol – an example of successful cooperation

9 June 2011

Ericpol is taking part in the conference ‘Poland – The European Success Story’, organized by the Polish Embassy in Stockholm and the Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. The conference is organized for Swedish entrepreneurs seeking opportunities for cooperation with Polish companies. During the meeting, examples of successful Polish-Swedish ventures in recent years will be presented.

The meeting will be held on 17th of June in Business House (Näringslivets Hus) in Stockholm. A panel discussion with Ericpol’s representative – Vice President Marek Gajowniczek will be a vital part of the conference. Many invited guests will also join the discussion:

  • Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO, Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Roman Wieczorek, Excecutive Vice President of Skanska Group
  • Asbjörn Höyheim, Senior Vice President, Nordea Bank Polska SA
  • Roger Andersson, Member of The Board SwedeCenter/Inter IKEA

Ericpol was invited to the meeting as an example of an organization that has built its position on trust and very close cooperation with its customers. The company has been working for 20 years closely with the Swedish telecom supplier, Ericsson, providing advanced services for R&D.

During his speech Marek Gajowniczek will present the development process of Ericpol’s relationships with customers, will share his experience about the Polish-Nordic cooperation and, summarizing, he will describe the key factors determining a successful cooperation. ‘Thanks to the 20 years’ long presence on the Scandinavian market we have become the largest IT services exporter in Poland. Ericpol also wants to highlight the value of Polish engineers’ knowledge and experience on the international market’,  says Marek Gajowniczek, Vice President of Ericpol.

In Poland Ericpol belongs to a small group of companies which have based their success on the export of services provided by highly qualified engineers. The company – apart from locations in Poland and Sweden – has production centres in Ukraine and Belarus, and has implemented IT projects in over 70 countries.

Meeting the demands of customers Ericpol implements its development plans, which are confirmed with first places in the ranking Computerworld TOP200 in terms of largest Polish exporter of ICT services and the largest supplier for the telco sector. Ericpol was also recognized and awarded internationally by the association of the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), that every year draws up a ranking of the best outsourcing and consulting companies (the Global Outsourcing 100). So far Ericpol is the only Polish company among world leaders.

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