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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol among the largest Polish exporters

31 October 2007

Ericpol Telecom has been ranked 14th in ‘List 2000’, the ranking of the largest exporters published by the daily Rzeczpospolita.

Rzeczpospolita’s ranking of Polish exporters was based on the percentage of income from exports in each company’s overall revenues in 2006. To create ‘List2000’ the editorial team of the newspaper gathered data from over 3500 companies which received at least 50 million PLN from exports in 2004.

In the remaining reports this year, ‘Teleinfo500’ on the Polish ICT market and ‘TOP200’ on IT and telecom companies by the trade weekly Computerworld, Ericpol has been ranked among the top 5 exporters of IT solutions in Poland.

Ericpol Telecom has been present in the telecom market since 1991, specializing in consultancy services and IT solutions. Among its customers are world-leading telecom suppliers and operators. As the only such company in Central and Eastern Europe, Ericpol Telecom conducts advanced R&D in IMS technology. In Poland and its subsidiaries around the world the company employs over 700 people.

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