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Ericpol a laureate of iF Design Awards 2015

2 March 2015

The design of Agilendar 2014 – the company calendar promoting Ericpol as an expert in agile work methodology – was recognized with the prestigious iF Design Awards 2015 award in the category Communication – brand identity. The awards ceremony took place on 27 February in Munich.
Joanna Florczyk, Piotr Mazur, Jan Malkiewicz - iF Design Awards2015Agilendar 2014 is the 3rd edition of the company calendar. The first edition, authored by Jan Malkiewicz from Ericpol and Kraków-based Mill Studio, was recognized with the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2012. The calendar takes a new form every year, designed to enhance the image of Ericpol in the eyes of its clients. The 2014 edition was prepared by a team composed of Jan Malkiewicz (Ericpol), Piotr Mazur (Nowy Horyzont) and Joanna Florczyk. Agilendar is a combination of the words agile and calendar. It is designed for clients – telecommunications suppliers and technology companies requiring an agile approach to the delivered product. The method’s leading characteristic, which is at the same time its symbol, are yellow sticky notes which are used as a tool for communication during the course of projects. Ericpol is one of a very small number of companies in Europe which specializes in conducting large-scale software development projects using the Agile methodology.

“Agilendar 2014, apart from its practical and aesthetic dimensions, takes the form of an office brain teaser. The calendar is comprised of two parts: a board fastened to the wall, and 12 blocks of small papers stamped with dates, in neon yellow and green. The papers can be written on and stuck to the board or on walls, or each block can be treated as a separate notebook,” says the creator and co-designer Jan Malkiewicz, head of the Ericpol marketing team. “The board also contains an encoded slogan. Whoever manages to discover it can send an e-mail containing the slogan, and next year they will receive a calendar. Our clients have joined in the fun which is why we’ve prepared Agilendar 2015 in a nearly identical format. I’m pleased that our communication with clients has been recognized with the iF award. Now we can say we’ve hit the German brace: Red Dot and iF. Each time we come up with a new, innovative idea, and there’s no doubt we have more awards coming in the future,” says Malkiewicz.

This edition of the contest featured 2102 participants from 53 countries (a total of 4783 projects in 5 categories were submitted – Product, Packaging, Communication, Interior Design, Concept). The iF 2015 award was received by 5 Polish laureates, including Ericpol. In the entire history of the contest only 15 projects from our country have been recognized. In addition, Ericpol is the first Polish laureate in the history of the contest to be recognized in the subcategory of Communication Design / Brand Identity.

iF Design is one of the world’s two (together with Red Dot) most important and prestigious design competitions, with roots reaching back to 1954. It is an international indicator of outstanding design. Thousands of companies from around the world take part in it every year. The awards ceremony was held on 27 February 2015 in one of Munich’s and Germany’s most spectacular spaces – the BMW Welt building. The ceremony was attended by 2,000 guests. All of the recognized works and a report from the ceremony can be viewed online at the contest page:

Ericpol Sp. z o.o. is an engineering company that has been operating on international ICT market since 1991. The company provides outsourcing, consulting and integration services as well as dedicated solutions in telecommunications, M2M (machine to machine), IoT (Internet of Things), healthcare, finances&banking and business solutions area. Ericpol consists of 4 offices in Poland and 3 production centres in Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden, employing over 2000 people.

Nowy Horyzont – a creative boutique from Kraków specializing in graphic design for companies and institutions both in Poland and abroad.

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