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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol – Polish company in the forefront of global outsourcing

21 February 2011

Ericpol, the largest exporter of the Polish ICT sector, was ranked among the top 100 outsourcing companies in the world, in the group referred to as the “Rising Stars”, smaller, emerging companies. Ericpol was honoured in Balanced Perfofmance category. The ranking was prepared by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals® (IAOP®).

IAOP has announced the ranking of world’s top outsourcing and advisory companies, The Global Outsourcing 100®, for the 6th time. This year it was presented on 21 February, during the IAOP’s 2011 Outsourcing World Summit in Indian Wells, California. ‘The companies included on the Global Outsourcing 100 list are proven leaders and rising stars of this business. They are companies you want to be partners with so that you can achieve success and better outsourcing results,’ said Michael Corbett, President of the IAOP.

The ranking is the basic source of knowledge and reference for global corporations seeking partners in the outsourcing sector. The list includes companies from all over the world that provide BPO, KPO and advisory services. Ericpol was ranked on 20th position in ‘Rising Star’ group, as a company with balanced development and good financial results (Balanced Performance). Ericpol was also categorized among:

  • Best 10 Rising Stars in Overall Revenue,
  • Best Companies by Industry Focus – Automotive,
  • Best 20 Rising Stars by Industry Focus – Technology (Hardware and Software),
  • Best 10 Rising Stars by Service Provided – Research & Development Services,
  • Best 20 Rising Stars by Service Provided – Information/Comm. Technology Services,
  • Best 10 Companies by Region Served – Eastern Europe,
  • Best 20 Rising Stars by Region Served – Western Europe, New in 2010

‘This is a great success for a Polish company,’ emphasises Jan Smela, President of the Management Board of Ericpol. ‘On the 20th anniversary of operation we find ourselves among 100 excellent companies from all over the world. It is a great summary of Ericpol’s achievements so far and a result of the work of our engineers combined with tremendous trust of our clients who commission us with the development of their products, many of which are crucial for the development of their businesses. All of this takes place in a setting of global competition, which makes our success taste even sweeter’, he adds.

Every year, the The Global Outsourcing 100 list opens with the world’s largest companies employing over 100,000 people. The list is composed on the basis of a number of criteria. These include the financial result and its growth, the number of employees, locations where services have been offered, effectiveness of the management and references from clients.

‘This distinction strengthens the recognisability of our company as a solid partner specialising in advanced technologies. The title of a “Rising Star” of the The Global Outsourcing 100 ranking also definitely strengthens our position in the eyes of potential clients. Ericpol operates development centres in Belarus and Ukraine, which means that by keeping quality standards at 99.999% of software reliability, we can effectively compete with companies from the Far East and entire Europe,’ says Paweł Szczerkowski, CEO of Ericpol.

See The Global Outsourcing 100 ranking:

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