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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Ericpol’s good position in „Teleinfo500” report

25 August 2008

In this year’s edition of the „Polish ICT Market Teleinfo500” report Ericpol Telecom secures its high position known from previous reports. Ericpol is still the largest one among IT companies in the Lodz province.

According to this year’s edition of Teleinfo500, Ericpol ranks:

  • 1st among 28 largest IT companies in the Łódź province;
  • 2nd among 50 largest consulting companies in Poland;
  • 2nd among 50 largest companies in terms of revenue received from exports in Poland in 2006;
  • 3rd among 50 largest providers of IT solutions for the telecommunications sector in Poland;
  • 13th among 50 largest companies in terms of return on equity.

From: Polish ICT Market Teleinfo500, vol. I based on 2007 results.

The “Teleinfo500” report on the Polish ICT market is a yearbook evaluating and analyzing certain segments of the ICT market. It has been published since 1998. Apart from business news, it presents various companies operating in different market segments and an overview of the latest technologies and products.

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