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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Best of the best working as trainees in Ericpol

23 July 2012

At the beginning of July, paid Summer Traineeship Programme was started in Ericpol. Over 40 people, selected out of 800 applicants, are gaining experience in one of the biggest IT companies in Poland.

From the beginning of July until the end of September, students are going to work in Ericpol on IT, administrative, and business positions. However, this year (and for the first time ever) summer training is based on an expanded programme of paid internships. Trainees are going to receive remuneration, work at positions prepared especially for them, take part in an ice-breaking party, and get packages of company gadgets. Each traineeship can also count on support of an individual Traineeship Supervisor.

‘The recruitment process for the Summer Training Programme lasted for the whole spring. From March until the end of May, hundreds of applications were submitted. In total, twenty people applied for one vacancy. Having examined all of them carefully, our managers organized meetings with over a hundred candidates. Out of them, we have selected a group of the best applicants, who have been working for us as trainees since the beginning of July. We have been observing them at work and we already hope that many of them will stay with us as permanent employees after summer,’ Olga Błaszczyk-Lenda, a person responsible for Summer Traineeship Programme in Ericpol, says.

We would like to thank all applicants for confidence put in us. We wish many successful moments and satisfaction from work to all trainees who have joined our team for holidays. We hope they will stay in our company!

Ericpol has been providing outsourcing and consulting services in the international market for 21 years. It delivers dedicated solutions in the areas of telecommunications, M2M (Machine to Machine) communication, UX (User experience), medical services, and solutions for business and finance. It has three offices in Poland and three production centres in Belarus, Ukraine, and Sweden. These form Ericpol Group and employ over 1,500 people.

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