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7th Banach Prize for scientist from Finland

11 September 2015

On 8th September Joonas Ilmavirta from Finland was awarded the International  Stefan Banach Prize for his dissertation “On the Broken Ray Transform”. The award ceremony took place during the inauguration of the 6th Forum of Polish Mathematicians at the Warsaw University of Technology.

15 dissertations from Northern, Central and Eastern European countries were submitted for the seventh edition of the competition, organised by the Polish Mathematical Society and the IT company Ericpol.
The other nominees were:

  • Michał Skrzypczak (University of Warsaw); dissertation title: Descriptive Set Theoretic Methods in Automata Theory
  • Martin Strömqvist (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Szwecja), dissertation title: Homogenization in Perforated Domains
  • Błażej Wróbel (University of Wrocław), dissertation title: Multivariate Spectral Multipliers

The prize-winning doctoral dissertation “On the Broken Ray Transform” was written under the supervision of Professor Mikko Salo of the University of Jyväskylä. In his dissertation, the laureate describes mathematical tools that are useful for the investigation of refracted X-rays. The results obtained have important applications in computer tomography.  On the one hand, they will enable better interpretation of X-ray images, and on the other, they are connected with interesting and important mathematical issues, e.g. optimisation methods in Riemannian manifolds. – In the near future I’m going to continue work on the subject of my dissertation and a practical application of my conclusions in medicine.Dr Ilmavirta states.
For the past 7 years, when the Stefan Banach Prize is awarded, we have been asked about the practical application of the prize. This year’s laureate has devoted his doctoral dissertation to issues that can improve computer tomography imaging. It is likely that soon we will be able to use these results in medical diagnosticsMarek Gajowniczek, EngD, Cross-Functional Programmes Director at Ericpol says.

The International Stefan Banach Prize has been awarded annually since 2009. It is funded by Ericpol, which in 2008 together with the Polish Mathematical Society established prestigious distinction. The prize reflects a leading Polish IT company’s appreciation of mathematics and its role in the modern world. The goal of the project is to increase global awareness of the work of Stefan Banach and Polish science. It is also one of the greatest financial awards in the field of mathematics in Poland. The amount of the prize is now 25,000 PLN (20,000 PLN as of 2013). The competition now ranks as one of the most important mathematical events in Europe.

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