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5. Ericpol Classic rides a tandem

11 September 2015

For the fifth time, the Cycling Society will cover distance of around 250 kilometres in one day. This time the cyclists are taking part to support blind patients of the MIS’-KON Association of Cracow.

The annual bike ride between Cracow and Łódź has become a fixture in Ericpol’s calendar.  Ericpol Classic is not a race, but rather a group bike ride in which the participants battle against time and themselves. Riding in a stack is a serious test of cooperation skills. The participants are mainly Ericpol employees, but the ride also features representatives of our clients and special guests. This year, on a section of the route we will be accompanied by tandem bikes, customised to be used by the blind. Six Ericpol cyclists will sit on the guides’ saddles and assist the MIS’-KON patients. The presence of the blind participants is associated with this year’s charity action aimed at funding more tandem bikes.

– This time we wish to support a charity cause that has more in common with the profile of the Ericpol Cycling Society. We have decided to buy tandem bikes to enable blind and visually-impaired people to enjoy cycling. – says Łukasz Chornikowski, the organiser of this year’s ride, who works as an IT architect. This is the fifth ride along the Cracow-Łódź route, so we are looking for ways to jazz it up. Apart from having blind and visually-impaired participants, we intend to return from Łódź to Cracow on bikes, covering a total distance of 500 km – he adds.

In previous years, thanks to the charity action of our cyclists we managed to sponsor a specialist tablet that enables Michał to keep in touch with the world. As well as Michał, we have also made the dreams of Natalka and Małgosia come true, with the support of the “Mam Marzenie” Foundation. The cause that we sponsored during last year’s action is still in progress. Hubert, another patient of “Mam Marzenie” Foundation is going to make a trip to Legoland soon.

Almost 40 bikers are starting in the Błonia area of Cracow at 5.30 am, along with the technical staff who will professionally take care of the ride. The planned time for the bikers to reach Łódź is 8.30 pm when the cyclists will be welcomed by the employees of the Łódź division of the Company as part of the annual celebration of the Company’s existence (Klub Wytwórnia, ul. Łąkowa 29, Łódź). Łąkowa 29, Łódź).

Ericpol Sp. z o.o. is an engineering company operating since 1991 in the international ICT market. It provides outsourcing, consulting and integration services, delivers dedicated solutions in the areas of telecommunications, M2M communication (machine to machine), IoT (Internet of Things), applications for the medical, finance and banking sectors, as well as solutions for business. Ericpol has 4 offices in Poland and three subsidiaries in Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden, which together form the Ericpol Group, employing over 2,200 workers.

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