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20 candidates competing for one vacancy. Internship program at Ericpol meets with record interest.

24 June 2013

1,200 submitted applications and 62 interns invited to work at Ericpol – these are the results of this spring’s recruitment for the 2013 Summer Internship Program. For many of the participants, the paid internship at Ericpol will also prove to be the first step towards their professional career at one of the largest IT companies in Poland.

From July until the end of September, the operations of the Ericpol team will be supported by more than 60 students. This year’s recruitment attracted 400 more applicants than the 2012 edition of the program, which means that nearly 20 candidates were competing for each internship vacancy.

“The results of this year’s recruitment process are extremely satisfactory on the one hand, but require great responsibility from us on the other. We will do our best to guarantee that our interns gather valuable experience with the help from our Internship Supervisors. Just like last year, the interns at Ericpol will receive financial remuneration for their work, participate in introductory and technical training and, last but not least, have a great time at our welcoming party,” says Olga Błaszczyk-Lenda, coordinator of Ericpol’s Summer Internship Program.

Applicants who have been accepted for the program will be completing their internships in several branch offices of Ericpol located in Łódź and Krakow. Most of the interns will work in technical and technological departments, although internships at the administrative sections of Ericpol – the HR, training, business travel and quality management departments – will also take place. The students who will spend this summer at Ericpol will not only gather valuable and interesting experience, but also have a great chance of finding permanent employment at the company.

“Our Summer Internship Program is not only a great opportunity for students to acquire some work experience, but often also the first stage of job recruitment and the chance for permanent employment at one of the largest IT companies in Poland. After last year’s edition of the program, nearly half of the interns became Ericpol employees. And we are hoping to make this number even larger this year,” Olga Błaszczyk-Lenda concludes.

We would like to thank all of this year’s applicants for their trust and interest in our company. To all of our 2013 summer interns: we wish you a successful, fruitful and satisfactory time at Ericpol!

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