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Ericpol Classic 2014

  • Intro + formula

Ericpol Classic is a joy ride, aimed to promote team work, physical activity, and spirit of camaraderie. It’s not a race, individual time is not measured – we start together and finish together. There are stronger riders among us but also ones with more relaxed attitude to competition and fitness – but we all ride together, at the climbs at our own pace, always regrouping at the top. We do, however, put ourselves a goal – we strive to do this distance in less than 10 hours, excluding rest stops. Depending on the number of participants, for safety reasons the whole group might be divided in two or three groups, with support cars between them.

As in previous editions, this year’s Classic will also be a charity ride – together with “Mam Marzenie” Charity (“I’ve got a dream”) we’ll be raising funds to fulfil a dream of two children (Małgosia and Natalia) to have their own computers.

We plan to start on the 12 of September, at 05:30 am. at the Błonia Park in Kraków, finish is scheduled for 20:15 in Campanile Hotel in Łódź, where Company Party will be held. Finish time is fixed – in case we go faster than anticipated, we will have a longer rest in Bełchatów, during dinner.

On Saturday, there’ll be a bus taking some of the participants with their bikes back to Kraków. If you prefer to go to Warsaw or any other place, please get in touch with us beforehand, we’ll help you to arrange the transport.

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