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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Dedicated services

  • Video streaming (Video streaming pilot for AT&T)

Subject: Collaboration to bring innovative mobile-to-web video streaming technology to the competitive US telecommunications market
Industry: Telecommunications
Service: Dedicated Solution/Innovative Area/Trials and demos
Location: USA, Canada, Poland
Timeframe: Aug 2007 – May 2008
Tools and Technology: IMS, RTSP, HTTP, Java, Mantis, Ericpol Unified Process Methodology
Video streaming pilot (PDF, 232 KB)

  • Dedicated Services Development (Dedicated Services Development for Telecom Operator)

Subject: Successful delivery of telecommunications application for major Polish mobile operator
Industry: Telecommunications
Service: Dedicated Solutions/Application development and deployment
Location: Poland
Timeframe: 2006 – 2007
Tools and Technology: Java, Parlay
Dedicated Services Development (PDF, 237 KB)

Subject: JAIN SLEE/SIP SERVLETS workshop
Industry: Telecommunications
Service: Training/On-demand
Location: Poland
Timeframe: 2008
Tools and Technology: Java, BEA WebLogic SIP Server, Eclipse, X-Lite, Linphone, SIPp, Wireshark
Selected aspects of SS7 signalling protocols
Subject: Presentation of selected aspects of SS7 signalling protocols
Industry: Telecommunications
Service: Training
Location: Poland
Timeframe: 2010
Tools and Technology: SS7 (MTP, SCCP, TCAP, MAP, INAP, CAMEL), ISDN, SIGTRAN
Ericsson SS7 SIGTRAN 2010  (286 KB)
Parlay/OSA course for Orange Poland
Subject: Parlay/OSA course for Orange Poland
Industry: Telecommunications
Service: Training
Customer: Orange Poland
Location: Poland
Timeframe: 2010
Tools and Technology: IN, VHE, Parlay/OSA, SCS, SCF
PTK Centertel Parlay OSA 2010  (286 KB)

Examples of customization services performed by Ericpol Telecom are as follow:

1. Solutions delivered by providers of telecommunication solutions:

  • Newly introduced (adaptation for market)
  • Stabilized (mainstream)
  • Decadent or final (end-of-life)

2. Existing solutions, to which the user has the rights to modify


3. Providing new solutions created on demand:

  • Fully new developments
  • Using products and solutions of third parties

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