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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

People of Ericpol

Kasia TeodorczykKasia Teodorczyk, Documentation Specialist

My adventure with Ericpol started two and a half years ago from working in the delegation department. Pleasant atmosphere, working with young people full of energy, new obligations and development possibilities: I really recall the two years spent in the Business Trip Coordination Office as a great period. After some time I started to feel that I lacked something: I wanted new challenges and development prospects. It worked!

Today I work at the position of junior documentation specialist. I found my place in the company and plan to stay here longer. I do what I like in the company of a fantastic team of trustworthy co-workers and good friends.

Wiktor PaliwodaWiktor Paliwoda, Software Developer

My adventure with Ericpol started quite recently and, since it is my first job, I had only a vague idea of the IT company and the people I would meet there. In my mind’s eyes I saw a group of ‘geeks’ with moustaches, closed to others and living in their own world. That’s why I was positively surprised when on my first day at work I saw only broadly smiling faces around me.

It turned out that people employed by Ericpol had great sense of humour, various passions that frequently went a long way from technical issues. What is more, you could meet girls in the corridors, which earlier seemed to me impossible in the case of an IT company… The greatest shock I received was when, after a week’s work, the colleagues from my room suggested playing badminton together. It turned out that the sport I have been training passionately for two years has been practised by the colleague sitting at a desk next to mine for a trifle of twelve years! I was even more surprised that the rest of the people wanted to go with us even though they knew they had not the slightest chance with the ‘pros’ like us ;) Then I was sure that I made the right address and that I can recommend Ericpol to every friend.

Łukasz ChornikowskiŁukasz Chornikowski, Expert Software Developer
I ride up the entrance to work. Nobody is surprised by my crash helmet, cycling T-shirt, wrist and knee pads. If anyone pays attention to me, it is rather because of my monocycle, my one-wheel vehicle, that I am just parking among the bicycles that are already there in front of the building. But most people got used to it, too. It doesn’t occupy a significant position in the risk analysis, so it’s time for a quick shower and more important things that await me at work.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Łukasz, and I have been working for Ericpol for almost 5 years. Despite the fact that from the very beginning I have been working in the department that cooperates with Ericsson on the development of GSM network fragments, my work still does not bore me. The diversity of issues I’m dealing with causes that any monotony is out of the question. It’s good because I don’t like boredom at work or in the private life.

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