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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson


  • Training

The reliability of software developed by Ericpol results from the constant development of competences of our employees. The broadening and deepening of knowledge and development of the skills of people who comprise the Ericpol team belong to the culture of our Company.

New employees take part in the cycle of adaptation training sessions during which they become acquainted with the Company’s profile, work culture, our values, and learn how to use the tools enabling work and communication inside the Company.

The ICT specialists increase their competences by participating in the internal and external technical training sessions. In response to the needs of team leaders internal training sessions were prepared to help to manage small teams.

The project teams may develop their effectiveness by using the team coaching methodology devised for Ericpol on the basis of workshops conducted by internal trainers.

  • Horizontal promotion

Work in Ericpol takes place in the project system. The role of a given person in the project depends only on their knowledge, skills and commitment. Every computer scientist can become a developer, a tester, a trouble-shooter, a designer, an analyst or an architect depending on their interests and abilities.

  • Vertical promotion

The management personnel is recruited in the first place from among our employees. Most managers and project managers in Ericpol Telecom are people who were promoted from IT posts.

The possibilities of development for every employee form the subject of the annual performance review during which the employee agrees upon both the development direction and the form of their competence improvement with their superior.

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