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Ericpol is now part of Ericsson

Versions and modules

Available versions:

  • BizAgi Xpress is a simple solution at affordable price designed to meet the needs of small and medium-size enterprises or departments of large companies.
  • BizAgi Standard offers functionality designed in order to effectively manage the key processes in larger enterprises.
  • BizAgi Enterprise is able to meet highly advanced requirements of corporations with regard to the broadly-understood process management.

Well-integrated modules that handle the entire life cycle of the process eliminate the risk of errors that usually occur in the case of incompatibility of modules delivered by different providers of similar solutions.

The mutually compatible modules are:

  • BizAgi Process Modeler – module used for modelling and documenting process, available as free ware,
  • BizAgi Studio – implementation module used for the automatic generation of application supporting the management of the process designed in the Modeller tool,
  • BizAgi BPM Server – executive and control module that performs, for example, the function of support for process optimisation.

The Ericpol team guarantees fully professional consulting in the area of process automation. The company’s consultants provide support with regard to defining, designing and enhancing processes, as well as integrating them with the systems (BPM, CRM, ERP, etc.) already applied by the client.

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