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Intuitive navigation

The BizAgi tool is very simple to use. The process elements are built with the intuitive drag & drop method. The graphics are based on the “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) principle, and thus the reconstruction and optimisation of the process is so simple. Work in the browsing mode and other user-friendly functionalities cause that this tool can be fully used in any organisation.
Intuitive navigation

The applied Business Rules enable the generations of procedures with various degrees of complexity starting from regular decision flow controls, through decision trees, to advanced calculations used in large financial institutions.

The BizAgi’s services-oriented architecture allows for easy integration with other applications, such as CRM, ERP, etc., that are used by companies on the every-day basis. BizAgi enables connection to external databases, which greatly saves time that is usually lost while copying the data.

The work results achieved while modelling processes with the use of the BizAgi tool can be easily exported to the format convenient to the user, like Word or PDF, or published at Sharepoint or the Internet. The application also allows for testing the processes before their being published within the organisation.

The tool kit for analysis and processes generates information thanks to which the process creator can:

  • Check its effectiveness
  • Eliminate risk elements
  • Determine the labour consumption of individual stages
  • Monitor progress in real time
  • Monitor the time of execution of processes that are threatened with exceeding the required deadline

The analytical tools optimise the organisation’s functioning and raise the operational productivity.

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