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What is a Cookie file?

Cookies are small text files which are sent by a web page server and stored on a local hard drive of the web page user. Only the server that created the files can access them. Cookie files allow the server to recognize a device or a browser used by the visitor, so that it can display itself in a way that is preferred by the user.

Why do we use Cookie files?

Cookie files help us to customize displayed content to user’s preferences and optimize the use of the web page. Their second goal is to gather anonymous statistics that help us to continually improve the web page. All these data are anonymous and do not allow personal identification.

What kind of Cookie files do we use?

Our website uses two types of Cookie files: persistent and session. Persistent files remain on the user’s computer for the time specified by the server, or until they are manually deleted. Session files are automatically deleted when the user log off from the website or close the browser.

Do Cookie files contain personal data?

In some cases yes, personal information may be stored in a Cookie file. However this file will be encrypted, so no one can read its content.

How can I remove Cookie files?

Every Internet browser allows user to delete Cookie files. Correct removal process is different in every browser and described in detail in the documentation. In case of problems, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the documentation of your browser.

Web page uses Cookie files to meet our users expectations. Proper configuration of your web browser allows you to lock saving
of Cookie files or delete them, but can also cause difficulties or lack of operation of the site
Continuing to browse our pages without changing browser settings means that you accept saving Cookie files. Learn more »